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Every Person Hates Me

Harris Mayersohn composes a funny composition detailing why every person, featuring his doctor and also his girlfriend, loathes him.

The Power of Police Unions

On The New Yorker Radio Hour, David Remnick job interviews Mayor Lori Lightfoot, William Finnegan talks about the electrical power…

Trump Is Actually the Election Crisis He Is Actually Warning About

Susan Glasser covers Donald Trump’s persistence that the Presidential political election, in November, need to be actually postponed, and also…

Tantalizing Fantasies After 4 Months of Quarantine

Victoria Edel humorously imagines often mundane situations that appear extravagant and interesting throughout coronavirus quarantine.

Invaders Issue Statement Asserting That Sex along with Them Does Not Spread the Coronavirus

Andy Borowitz pokes fun that invaders gave out a claim regarding coronavirus gear box after Donald Trump pointed out a…

William Barr Denies Testifying Before Congress

Andy Borowitz pokes fun that the U.S. Attorney General, Bill Barr, refused during the course of legislative testament that he…

Daily Cartoon: Tuesday, July 28th

Sara Lautman’s Daily Cartoon represents the Cocoa Puffs pet considering the insanity of seclusion in the course of the coronavirus…

An Elegy for the Landline in Literature

Sophie Haigney grieves the decrease of the land line telephone as a gadget to produce tension as well as stimulate…

Area Cats precede

Alaina Ewins shows a funny comic concerning felines of different measurements fantasizing concerning performing an objective precede.

Wyoming Postcard

Wyoming Postcard