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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix rebroadcast for the 7643417th time: the great nonsense of social networks

Tin-tintintin-tintin-tin tin-tintintin-tintin… Yes, you recognized it, it's the theme of this good Harry Potter! Summer obliges (and especially the end of Koh-Lanta), the saga resumed with a vengeance in broadcast on TF1. It took twenty minutes of film for the young wizard in fifth year at Hogwarts to find himself at the top…

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Thirteen Lives, the film about rescuing children trapped in a Thai cave, has a first trailer

With a cast mixing stars and local actors, including beginners, the American director Ron Howard presents in Thirteen Lives the cinematographic version of the agonizing rescue of young footballers in Thailand, which had held the world in suspense in 2018, of which we hold the first trailer.The film chronicles the spectacular rescue of twelve boys…

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Advertising and monetization of password sharing: the future of Netflix is ​​becoming clearer

Netflix is ​​"actively" working on its new cheaper offer with advertising, planned in addition to its existing subscriptions, platform managers in France said on Tuesday during a meeting with the Association of Media Journalists (AJM). streaming giant, which had until then defended a model without ads, announced this shift in April, after suffering a loss…

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More “inclusive”, the Directors’ Fortnight becomes the Directors’ Fortnight

The Directors' Fortnight, the main unofficial section parallel to the Cannes Film Festival, has renamed itself "Filmmakers' Fortnight", wishing to become "more inclusive", and announced on Monday that it was appointing a new general delegate at its head, Julien Rejl. The Society of Film Directors (SRF), which oversees the event, chose this epicene term…

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