Hochul’s Gateway Rise: Governor must reduce $ 34 billion Amtrak railway project

November 1, 2021 By admin 0

Below Grand Central, 150 meters below the road, Gov. Hochul yesterday celebrated the imminent arrival of East Side Access, bringing LIRR trains to Park Ave. Continuing for decades, the project ends more than a dozen years late and more than doubled should have cost, reversing the $ 4.8 billion budget of more than $ 6 billion.

So we asked Hochul how he wanted to save time and money on the $ 33.7 billion Gateway boondoggle that is being pushed by Amtrak. He replied that he wanted to repair the Penn Station and that he had just met Amtrak. After the third pressure, he said, “Yes, I want to save time and money.”

Very good, but the efficiency is not in the fall of Amtrak Penn, or Amtrak Chairman Tony Coscia, who met privately with Hochul in the absence of his transport commissioner or commissioners at Newway Gateway or MTA. He should have asked Coscia, a Jersey boy who puts Amtrak’s interests above New York, to publish Amtrak’s study of North River Tunnel Interim Reliability, which he had been promising for more than a year.

Hochul needs a crash course in the crazy Gateway world, where even Trenton and Albany have to split equally the non-corporate costs of the new Portal North Bridge over Hackensack, New York was completely excluded from planning and NJ Transit was allocated a budget. the most expensive time that can be built by one-tenth. But they still want New York to invest $ 800 million. And now the NJT board has approved a construction contract that exceeds that budget by another $ 400 million, making New York liable for $ 1.2 billion, without New York’s approval.

Last week, as we warned, the Bergen County sewage station voted to move from a river of trucks to boats, which used to open the current Portal Bridge, a trip to bad work. Saving only $ 300,000 a year can ruin the lives of 100,000 passengers. Unless boats and towers fall under the Portal, Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco must vote for it.