Southwest and American airlines rebuff Gov. Abbott’s ban on COVID vaccine mandates

October 13, 2021 By admin 0

South-West America – two major airlines in the country, both based in Texas – have announced they will continue with plans to demand that their employees be fully vaccinated with COVID-19, without a directive from Gov.Greg Abbott barring private employers from authorizing firearms from the government.

Earlier this month, the Southwest, with its capital Dallas, ordered all 55,000 of its employees to be shot for their coronavirus in December. 8. The mandate is in line with an organizational directive issued in September by President Joe Biden, which calls on all companies with more than 100 employees to require COVID vaccines or to perform weekly coronavirus testing.

“According to the Presidential decree, the government’s action takes away any state or legislative authority, and we will be expected to obey the presidential decree to continue complying with the law as the organization’s contractor,” Southwest said in a statement.

The decision from the southwest comes despite CEO Gary Kelly’s views on vaccination policies. In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, he emphasized that the only reason he wanted workers’ policies was because of the government’s order.

“I have never agreed with companies that enforce that authority,” Kelly said. “But a high-level order from President Biden mandates that all government employees and all government contractors, including all major airlines, must have (approved) the policy” in place of December 8.

Fort Worth-based American Airlines in a statement sent to Austin-American Statesmanman on Tuesday said it would also follow the president’s mandate over local guidelines.

The governor’s order “does not change anything American,” said the airline. “We believe that the government’s vaccination authority assumes any conflicting state laws.”

Abbott, a strong critic of masculine authority and a strong opponent of vaccine requirements, announced Monday that the coronavirus vaccine should be “a voluntary treat for Texans.”

The Greater Houston Partnership, a business group that lists Exxon Mobil, DRM, and JPMorgan Chase as members, also came out on Tuesday in protest of Abbott’s order, saying it “does not match Texas’s ability to build a safe workplace.” Google and Facebook, both with a strong presence in Texas, will similarly continue with plans to demand COVID policies.

These technical madmen were among the first companies to authorize the shooting of workers in July.