Two died after a single-engine plane crashed in Milwaukee

October 13, 2021 By admin 0

Two people were killed on Tuesday morning after a single-engine plane crashed into a Milwaukee residence.

The Glastar flight landed at Waukesha Village, about 20 miles west of Milwaukee, around 9.30 am.

The victims were later identified by family members such as Randy Reimer, 74, and Susie Reimer, 70, of New Mexico.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 911 calls reported a loud noise and possible detection of debris. The plane was found in a wooded area and the two occupants were confirmed dead at the scene. No one else was injured.

According to the flight plan, the Reimers flew from Milwaukee airport to Salina, Khan.

The couple’s son told WISN that his parents had attended a wedding in Wisconsin and had returned to New Mexico.

NTSB and FAA are investigating the accident.